Catalytic Converter Repair in Arizona

iAUTOHAUS is dedicated to providing the best in luxury and foreign car repair in Arizona. Our team of experienced foreign vehicle technicians can diagnose and repair defective or missing catalytic converters on vehicles such as JaguarBMWMercedes-BenzPorscheAudiVolkswagen, and Maserati. Our repairs are backed by a 24 month 24,000-mile parts and labor warranty, to ensure every customer that we stand behind our work – on every vehicle. For your convenience, we offer free shuttle service and easy access from Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa or Fountain Hills. We remained a family owned and operated business, and we show our appreciation for your loyalty by hand washing and vacuuming your automobile after each repair. Contact iAUTOHAUS via phone or use our online form to schedule your catalytic converter repair today! Visit our service specials page to check out our latest repair offers!

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Catalytic Converter Services in Arizona

While owning a European vehicle such as an Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, or Maserati is a wonderful experience, the maintenance, and servicing of these high-end imports require mechanics that specialize in foreign car repair. Special considerations must be taken with foreign cars concerning the condition of the catalytic converter – especially those manufactured before 1993.

The catalytic converter is located under the car and is attached to the exhaust pipe with bolts. Its main function is to convert toxic emissions from burning fuel into environmentally safer fumes before exiting the car through the muffler. Due to the precious metals used in manufacturing this auto part, such as platinum, rhodium, stainless steel, and palladium –  catalytic converters are prone to theft.

A properly operating catalytic converter functions to burn off exhaust gas by superheating unburned particles as they pass through the muffler system. Operating at a very high temperature, the catalytic converter will successfully break down these dirty particles into carbon dioxide and water vapor.

If your luxury import vehicle is showing symptoms of a failing catalytic converter, schedule an appointment at our high-tech facility which utilizes factory diagnostics to analyze foreign engines and operational systems.  In extreme cases, a defective catalytic converter can cause internal engine damage that results from excess pressure created within the clogged exhaust system.

Symptoms of a Defective or Missing Catalytic Converter

A malfunctioning or non-operating catalytic converter may present the following symptoms:

  • an unpleasant odor from the exhaust pipes
  • a smell of rotten eggs with the car
  • an illuminated ‘check engine’ light
  • backfiring or a rough running engine
  • a car has reduced power to acceleration

A defective or missing catalytic converter is not only in violation of US emissions standards, but it will also cause your automobile to lose performance. Older cars that have not been driven in years may have a clogged catalytic converter, preventing the engine from starting or persistently stalling.

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Foreign model imports are known and valued for their distinctive craftsmanship and quality. As a certified owner, it is crucial to seek qualified mechanics skilled in European import vehicles in Arizona when your car requires a catalytic converter repair. Call 480-526-9567 today!

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