Check Engine Light Repair Services in Arizona

Repair Your Flashing Check Engine Light in Arizona

At some point during the life of your vehicle, you may come across a check engine light on and may wonder what the problem could be. Your check engine light is designed to warn you that there is a potential problem with one of the major components in your car and the best next step is finding a qualified repair shop who can diagnose and repair your problem. The last thing you want to risk is long-term damaging effects to your high-end vehicle.

If you live in the Tempe, Arizona area and notice a check engine light blinking or flashing on your Bentley, Lexus, Land Rover, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz or Porsche, iAUTOHAUS‘  expert technicians can help. We specialize in luxury German and European car repairs and are proud to have offered our services to the residents of Arizona since 1997.

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What Does Check Engine Light Mean?

The check engine light in your vehicle works in tandem with your onboard diagnostics system. The check engine light codes help regulate variables that keep your vehicle running smoothly. However, once a problem arises that the check engine light cannot solve, it will begin blinking to alert you of such a problem. This can be a major problem for your high-end vehicle and should be serviced immediately.

What Could Cause a Check Engine Light to Come On in Your European Car?

You may notice your check engine light flashing, blinking, or remaining on due to some repair issues that may need to be addressed. If you see your check engine light blinking, it’s more than likely a sign of faulty parts of your car. The check engine light reader reads various part of the vehicle and alerts us if a crucial part is about to go badWhile finding the root of your problem will need a diagnosis by a certified mechanic who has access to a computerized reading system, some of the most common problems associated with a check engine light include:

Oxygen Sensor Failure

The oxygen in your exhaust system is monitored by O2 sensors that send data to your computer to help it maintain the correct mix of fuel and air. While a car can continue to run with a bad oxygen sensor, you will begin to burn more fuel than needed as the sensor is not there to regulate it.

Failure of the Catalytic Converter

One of the main components of the exhaust system of your car, the catalytic converter, helps to turn carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide in your car. Regular maintenance can often prevent or reduce your risk for a catalytic converter failure but it can occur and should be remedied if diagnosed.

Spark Plug or Ignition Complications

In short, your ignition coils will provide the electricity that the spark plugs need to ignite the air and fuel in the cylinders to get the vehicle moving. A worn or malfunctioning coil, or damaged or fouled spark plug can trigger your check engine light and will need to be repaired to be able to keep your engine from misfiring.

Mass Airflow Sensor Failure

The mass airflow sensor keeps track of how much air is allowed to enter into the engine. When this sensor starts to fail your vehicle may have trouble starting, have reduced gas mileage, or idle rough, as well as trigger your check engine light.

A Dead Battery

A check engine light blinking may simply mean that your battery has met the end of its charge. While often times a simple jump start may get things going again if your battery is old or has been exposed to cold temperatures for long periods of time it may need to be replaced.

A Loose Gas Cap

Out of all the check engine light possibilities, this one may be the easiest fix. While it may seem strange that a loose fuel cap can trigger a check engine light, the cap is an important part of your fuel delivery system. It not only prevents fuel fumes from escaping, but it also helps to keep the correct pressure in your fuel system.

How Our Experts at iAUTOHAUS Can Help

Once we have taken your luxury vehicle into the shop, our team of experts will begin working on your vehicle. Our clean, high-tech facility is safe to keep your high-end vehicle during its repairs. We use factory diagnostic equipment to find the cause of the check engine light and begin work on it right away. We reset the check engine light once the vehicle is repaired and pass it off for one final inspection before we return the car to you. We then take it for a test drive to ensure everything is running smoothly. Nothing is more important than keeping your high-end vehicle running smoothly. We’re here to help you ensure that every step of the way.

Get Your Check Engine Light Checked in Tempe, Arizona from iAUTOHAUS

If you have a blinking check engine light, a flashing one, or you just have an engine light on, the mechanics at iAUTOHAUS have the expertise, tools, and knowledgeable ASE certified technicians to diagnose and correct your check engine light problem on your high-end vehicle. Contact iAUTOHAUS today to schedule your appointment to get your check engine light solved, repaired, and help keep your luxury European car running smoothly. We will check out your engine light for free! Give us a call at 480-317-0777 today.

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