Head Gasket Repair in Arizona

Are you in need of a head gasket repair? Our iAUTOHAUS staff is comprised of the most experienced and qualified personnel available in Arizona. Each of our highly skilled experts possesses years of specialized training specific to the field of European import cars. If you are the owner of a European automobile such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Maserati, Porsche, or Volkswagen, iAUTOHAUS is the licensed, certified, and authorized facility of choice, empowered to provide head gasket services suitable for your European automobile. Our Arizona store is conveniently located in the town of Tempe, where we have been providing our expertise to the surrounding areas of Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Queen Creek since 1997. We invite you to visit our Service Specials page to take advantage of the substantial discounts we offer on a regular basis.

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Why Choose iAUTOHAUS for Your Head Gasket Repair?

  • Authorized BOSCH Facility
  • Certified- ASE Technicians
  • Clean, Commodious Lobby to Wait in Equipped with Flat Screen TV and Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary Interior Vacuum and Exterior Wash
  • Synthetic Oil Changes at Our Reasonable Everyday Rates!
  • 24 Month/ 24K Mile Warranty on both Parts and Labor

What a Head Gasket is and How it Works

The head gasket is a sealing component for the internal combustion component process of the engine. This element actively maintains a separation between the oil and the coolant, as both of these agents circulate through the engine block, and into the cylinder head. The head gasket is part of the compression system of the engine, creating a buffer between the cylinder head and the engine block.

Signs Your Vehicle’s Head Gasket Requires Repair

  • Engine Overheating
  • Billowing smoke emanating from the exhaust pipe
  • Milky-white oil
  • External coolant leakage emitting from below the exhaust manifold
  • Presence of bubbles in the coolant overflow tank and radiator
  • Loss of coolant not attributed to leaks

Servicing a Head Gasket and Head Gasket Problems

Blown Head Gasket

A blown head gasket is, in essence, a fluid leakage. Unfortunately, sometimes due to the financial investment involved with fixing it and the time needed for repair, many people avoid attending to the correction of the problem with immediacy.

Continued driving without the replacement of a blown head gasket may result in:

  • The erosion of the engine as the chemicals cease in circulating and flow down to the other engine parts.
  • This flow down may create failures within the other vehicle systems.
  • cause the engine to begin having problems,
  • or to stop performing completely.
  • Dangerous conditions within the vehicle could also occur due to the overheated temperatures.

Head Gasket Leak

A head gasket leak is typically caused by intense engine temperature. Scorching engine temperatures occur where there’s an absence of coolant. If you haven’t been checking coolant levels inside the radiator on a regular basis or, more inconveniently, if the coolant chamber has become damaged and is leaking, it could similarly affect the engine. Repairing a head gasket leak requires the replacement of the old head gasket with a new head gasket within the engine.

Steps your iAUTOHAUS repair expert will then take to replace your head gasket:

  1. Disconnect the battery and to drain the engine of all the coolant.
  2. Next, the mechanic will remove the intake manifold, plumbing, and wiring from atop of the engine.
  3. Following this, the exhaust manifold is disconnected from the cylinder head,
  4. and afterward, the engine cover is removed to access and detach the timing belt and chain;
  5. the valve cover and cylinder head are taken out, as well as the removal of the rocker arms, pushrods, head bolts, and cylinder head.
  6. Finally, the mating surfaces are cleared of oil, grease, and gasket residue,
  7. and lastly the replacement of the head gasket.

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You and your high-end, luxury vehicle deserve the unsurpassed expertise of our trained and qualified staff, as well as our courteous and efficient customer service. We at iAUTOHAUS possess all of the proper tools, experience, and equipment, to competently complete the job for you, and to our client’s satisfaction. Please call 480-317-0777 or fill out our online form to schedule a head gasket repair in Arizona today. Don’t forget to ask about our BOSCH car repair financing!

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