Top 3 Auto Maintenance Services to Save You Money in the Long Run

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These days it is important for most of us to find ways to save money. In an effort to keep monthly expenses down, many vehicle owners tend to forego preventative maintenance. But, to avoid the costs and headache associated with a breakdown or avoidable repairs; the importance of regular auto maintenance services cannot be overstated. Not to mention the safety of you, your passengers and others on the road. Sidestepping tune-up or preventative maintenance for your vehicle will inevitably leave you open to reliability and safety issues.

Preventative auto maintenance is a course of action taken to keep your car operating at peak efficiency to avoid costly repairs or a breakdown. Services like routine inspections of vehicle components that frequently wear out and fluid and filter changes will ensure that your car is safe to drive and help you minimize costly unplanned expenses. Here are the top 3 auto maintenance services to save you money in the long run:

#1 Fluid and Filter Changes Every 4 to 5 Months

Keeping your automobile in good running condition requires checking fluid levels regularly and changing fluids and filters periodically. Schedule regular fluid and filter maintenance to prolong the life your luxury car’s engine, cooling system, transmission and brakes and avoid the risk of a breakdown. High end import vehicles owners need to follow the manufacturer’s fluid and filter change interval recommendations to ensure your car is operating at its peak performance. Keeping up with the following routine filter and fluid maintenance will keep you and your passengers safe and your luxury automobile on the road for the full extent of its lifetime:

  • Motor Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Coolant
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Fuel Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Cabin Air Filter

#2 Tire Rotation Every 7,500 Miles

Tire rotation is the process of switching out the placement of your vehicle’s tires to maintain an even tread and prolong the life of the tires. Rotating your tires regularly will equalize the wear patterns and greatly contribute to a smooth and safe ride for you and your passengers.

By balancing out the tire tread with regular tire rotations, you are saving money by extending the life of your tires and avoiding early tire wear and replacement. In fact, most tire warranties require routine tire rotation within the terms of the warranty to keep it valid.

While most vehicle manufacturers recommend rotating tires every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, some prudent car owners adhere to an easy-to-remember routine of scheduling a tire rotation with every other oil change.

#3 Get Your Brakes and Brake Pads Checked

Preventative brake maintenance will improve your fine European automobile’s performance and brake life. Generally, you should have your vehicle’s brake system inspected every 10,000 miles. While keeping up with maintenance for your brake system is economically wise, if you hear grinding, squealing or find that you need to push the pedal harder than usual to brake, do not hesitate to schedule a brake inspection to determine the problem before it becomes hazardous.

Protect Yourself and Your Pocketbook – Schedule Preventative Auto Maintenance in Arizona Today!

iAUTOHAUS in Tempe, Arizona proudly serves customers locally, across the country and around the world! Contact us today or give us a call at 480-317-0777 to schedule your auto maintenance services for your safety on the roadway and to keep costs to a minimum, including the following:

  • Improving Gas Mileage – By following through with simple preventive maintenance procedures you can expect to see an increase in gas mileage of up to 10%.
  • Reduce Repair Cost Without a doubt, the cost of preventive maintenance is far less than the costs associated with a major breakdown or preventable repairs.
  • Minimize Breakdowns – Having routine maintenance performed on your vehicle will reduce or eliminate the chance of a major breakdown and the frustration and costs that go hand-in-hand with a malfunctioning car.
  • Peace of Mind A full inspection and tune-up of your vehicle will not only give you peace of mind for everyday running around and long-distance travel but will also help save $$ by avoiding major repairs and parts replacement.

Our multicultural staff advocates safety and preventative maintenance by alerting you to potential issues before they become costly to repair problems to keep you and your passengers safe and your vehicle on the road at its optimal performance.

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