The Top 3 Extended Warranty Add-ons and Why You Need Them

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Extended warranties start to take effect after your manufacturer warranty expires. It is usually after about 36,000 miles or 3 years and may cover everything your car needs except for the normal wear. They give you the peace of mind long after the warranty is gone as you will not be spending money on expensive repairs. Here are our three top extended warranty add-ons that you should consider and why they are good for you.

1.Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance gets you auto of the road if your car breaks down or when you cannot move. The program may include several other features that cover common problems on the road such as the following.

  • Lockout assistance: The rescue team helps you open your car when you lock keys in the car.
  • Towing: When your car breaks down, a rescue team tows it without additional cost
  • Battery boost: The team helps boost the battery when it does not start
  • Fuel delivery: They bring the fuel where you are
  • Help in fixing flat tires if you get a tire burst or a flat tire on the highway

Pick a roadside assistance program with an extensive network of partners so that you can get assisted in any part of the country. The program is much cheaper than having to hire third-party roadside assistance providers.

2. Rental Reimbursements

If your car is going for a long-term repair, you may need to have a car to continue undertaking your daily activities. Car rentals can be expensive especially because you do not plan for them. However, with the rental car reimbursements, you can pick a rental car without having to worry about the cost that comes with renting.

A good car rental reimbursement program pays at least 80 percent of the cost of renting the car provided within the agreed limits. If the dealer agreement covers you, you can get a loaner car for a few days without the need for car rentals. However, for extended repair periods, you may need to have the car rental reimbursement program.

3. Trip Interruption Benefits

Trip interruption benefits are the car version of the travel insurance. In air travel, the insurance company takes care of the cost of the lag regarding the accommodation costs in the nearby hotel so that you do not have to spend more cash when your flight is delayed. As for the trip interruption benefits, the add-on takes care of the costs of accommodation, food and any other service should your trip be interrupted by a vehicle breakdown. This benefit comes in handy when you are far from home and are likely to incur bills running in thousands in accommodation for a few days when waiting for the vehicle to be repaired.

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