Why Isn’t My Car Starting?

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We all rely on our cars for many things like getting to work, taking kids to school, or traveling upcountry. Over the years, autos have become more reliable. However, because cars have many moving parts, they are bound to be temperamental no matter how well we maintain them. Have you ever wanted to use your car but it refused to start? There are hundreds of reasons why a car can fail to start, although some are more common than others. This piece will discuss these 5 common reasons your car isn’t starting and what you should do to ensure that the car stays in top shape.

1. A Dead Battery

Dead batteries are common reasons why cars won’t start. Your battery can die if there is a loose wire, you left your dome light on throughout the night, battery water has evaporated causing poor conductivity, or the battery is just too old. By jumpstarting your car, you may solve this problem. If it starts, you will know the battery is dying and should be replaced or serviced.

2. Faulty Ignition Switch

In case you are sure that the battery is working but your car won’t start, you may probably have a problem with your ignition switch. Consider turning on the headlights. If the lights turn on and the engine doesn’t start, it’s a sign that you may have a bad ignition switch.

3. Blocked Fuel Filter

When you have a clogged fuel filter, it will be impossible for the gasoline to reach the engine. It’s recommended that filters should be replaced after 10,000 to 15,000 miles.

4. Empty Gas Tank

There are times when an obvious guess is usually the right one. If you forgot to refill the car, it may not have enough gas to start. So, you will need to find your way to the closest gas station.

5. Broken Starter

As implied by the name, a starter offers a turning force that’s required to get everything moving so that the engine can start. When you try to start the car and you notice a clicking noise, the chances are that your starter is weakened or broken.

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