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Value Your Trade-In Car Today

It is important to know ahead of time just how much your car is worth before trading it. The easy-to-use online car trade-in tool from iAUTOHAUS will provide you with the fair market trade-in value for your vehicle in just a few short minutes. Once you have the estimated trade-in value of your car, head on down to our dealership in Tempe for a physical appraisal of your vehicle. We’ll ensure that you get the best possible value for your trade-in car, which you can then apply to the purchase of one of our high-quality pre-owned luxury cars. Learn more about:

  • How to trade in my car
  • The benefits of trading in a car
  • How to get the best value for my trade-in

Phoenix-area drivers will find that the trade-in process is easy and hassle-free at iAUTOHAUS, so get started today!

How to Trade-In My Car

“How to trade-in my car?” If you’ve never traded in a vehicle, here’s a quick look at how the process works:

  • Value your trade-in car using our online trade-in calculator.
  • Explore our inventory of pre-owned luxury cars online to find your next vehicle.
  • If your trade-in value doesn’t cover the cost of the used vehicle at iAUTOHAUS that you want, our finance specialists can help you secure a low interest loan to cover the remaining amount.
  • Trading in a car that you are still paying on might seem tricky, but we can help you decide if it’s worth it. Our finance experts can go over the basics and help you make an informed decision.
  • Ready to make a trade? Bring your car to iAUTOHAUS along with the title, auto loan payoff information, registration, and key. We’ll inspect the vehicle and finalize the trade-in amount.

What Are the Benefits of Trading in a Car?

Trading in a car is a quick and easy way to offset the cost of your next car. When you put the value of your trade-in car toward your purchase, you can take a sizable portion off the down payment, leaving you with lower monthly payments. Trading in a car at a local Scottsdale-area dealership like iAUTOHAUS is also much easier than selling a vehicle on your own. Private sellers have to list the vehicle, field inquiries, set up test drives, and handle all of the paperwork. It can take weeks to finally sell the vehicle. iAUTOHAUS has streamlined the process. It will only take an hour or so to complete your trade-in, and we’ll handle all of the paperwork!

How to Get the Best Value for My Trade-In Car

Take a look at some of things you can do to spruce up your car before taking it in for a trade-in:

  • Clean the interior of the vehicle, dispose of any garbage, remove personal items, and clean the windows and carpets.
  • Wash and wax the car to give it a shiny finish.
  • It is a good idea to make minor repairs as needed, but you can leave any major repairs for the dealer. It will cost them much less to fix the vehicle than you will have to pay out of pocket.
  • Make sure to gather up all service records, as this will show the dealer that the vehicle has been well taken care of.

Get the Best Value for Your Trade-In Car at iAUTOHAUS!

Ready to trade-in in your car? Contact us to set up an appointment today. We’ve helped drivers from throughout the Chandler-area get the fair trade-in value of their vehicle, and we can do the same for you. Make sure to check out our current specials to save even more on the premium pre-owned luxury car of your choice in Tempe. We look forward to seeing you soon at iAUTOHAUS!