Automotive Air Conditioning Repair Services in Arizona

Some motorists incur substantial air conditioning repair costs if they do not find the right person to check the real problem in their car. Whether you drive a Lexus, Bentley, Maserati, Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Porsche, it’s crucial to find an expert car repair service shop that will assure you of quality repairs for your high-end car at a reasonable price. Choose professional car service providers at iAUTOHAUS for all air conditioning repairs for your luxury vehicle. We specialize in high-end German and European car repairs and have been proud to offer our services to Arizona residents since 1997. You can always expect quality work and guaranteed repairs from our ASE-certified technicians. Check out our service specials page to view our latest deals!

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iAUTOHAUS Air Conditioning Repair Services for European Cars:

Here are some of our professional AC services available at our iAUTOHAUS shop:

  • Proper Freon system testing for contamination
  • Check for any AC leaks
  • Cleaning the condenser fins
  • Examine and fine-tune Air conditioning compressor
  • Check all noticeable A/C parts for potential leaks
  • Replace any broken A/C components

The Importance of AC Maintenance and Repair Services

A/C systems are not immune to temporary breakdowns due to wear and tear of some technical parts. The hosepipes may block due to dust and residue if not checked regularly. This may lead to constant drips when you need to use the AC during the cold winter or hot summer days. It’s important to conduct regular maintenance to keep the car AC in stable conditions at all times. Here are valuable tips to help with your AC maintenance.

Heating System                        

A car’s engine cooling system is synonymous with the internal heating system. The mechanism involved in friction, combustion in the engine produces heat while in motion, and puff out through the exhaust system. The residual heat must be dissolute. Without a proper running heating system, car engines overheat or worst still—break down entirely.

Windshields Defrost With Air Conditioning

During cold winter mornings, annoying layers of frost melt away through the air conditioning by eliminating humidity; it helps to defrost the windshield. Therefore, if there is a problem with defogging on chilly winter days, the AC system needs a repair check for any potential damage or leaks.

Regular A/C Repairs Reduces Compressor Breakdown

The compressor makes up the most crucial part of a car’s AC system. Therefore, it is the most expensive equipment to replace or maintain. Regular check-up ensures quiet cooling and lubrication levels, which significantly minimizes the risk of premature compressor failure and minor problems such as leaks or blockages. Regular A/C repair significantly improves car fuel efficiency.

Maintaining the A/C System Keeps You Healthy

Regular maintenance of a car’s air conditioning systems also entails checking the condition of our customer’s cabin air filter and replacing it where necessary. Cabin air filters clog with dust, exhaust fumes and pollen making the driver and passengers breathe hot contaminated air through the dashboard vents. These harmful germs cause numerous health problems and allergy reactions over time. Therefore, it’s critical to replace the filter as soon as you detect foul air in the car.

Get Air Conditioning Repair Services in Tempe, Arizona from iAUTOHAUS

At iAUTOHAUS, we have repaired thousands of high-end cars with AC problems in Arizona. We have the necessary tools and sufficient experience to handle any AC complication that you may experience with your luxury vehicle. Let us offer you our certified mechanics to check out if your AC slows down or becomes nonfunctional. Call iAUTOHAUS at 480-317-0777 today to schedule an appointment and let us examine your automobile to rule out any potential problems and fix a malfunctioning AC system.

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