Mercedes-Benz Certified Repair & Maintenance Service, Tempe AZ


Black Mercedes Benz at iAUTOHAUS, Arizona


Would you like a more convenient way to service and repair your Mercedes-Benz luxury automobile other than the dealership?  iAUTOHAUS is your solution! For any and all service related issues with your Mercedes-Benz car, we can help today! Owners of Mercedes-Benz autos can rely on iAUTOHAUS to service their European luxury vehicles for any need that may arise. iAUTOHAUS is very experienced and only employs factory trained technicians who perform excellent work at an affordable price point.  iAUTOHAUS is confident that once you bring your Mercedes-Benz to us you will understand what personal concierge-style service really means. The iAUTOHAUS professional service-repair-care team is here to strive for the highest quality Mercedes-Benz service. When considering a service partner to care for your Mercedes-Benz, iAUTOHAUS is the prudent solution.

Welcome to the iAUTOHAUS,. family.

At iAUTOHAUS we are always on the lookout for European luxury vehicles in excellent condition. You will receive a fair offer and that quote will be good for 7 days.  Perhaps you would like to use your vehicle as a trade-in? Even better. Looking for a great Certified Pre-Owned luxury car?  We have some terrific inventory at a great value for you to select from.


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